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Hope Organization: Helping families that are going through a financial difficulty due to an illness in their family

They need HOPE. HOPE needs you!

Do you know someone who has a child who is unwell?

Do you know someone who recently lost his job?

What if I told you that someone you know is going through one of these situations right now?

You may be thinking, "These situations are too crazy to be happening to people I know, and with all the tzedakah organizations out there- what makes HOPE different?"

So let's share some of our secrets with you:


Needless to say, a misfortune, such as an illness, does not discriminate- it can fall upon anyone. When an illness strikes a family member or breadwinner loses a job, even those who were financially secure can suddenly find themselves in serious financial crises.


HOPE began servicing the Lakewood community in 2016. It's the place people turn to when they are in financial difficulty due to the illness of a parent/child, the temporary loss of a job, or other sudden setback.


Simply put, because these families feel too “normal” to ask for help.


By providing expenses such as rent/mortgage, utility, grocery, and other monthly bills- we help families emerge through their financial distress. By upholding their other financial responsibilities, we help tackle draining funds and stabilize situations so that these families can reach a more secure financial future.

HOPE is entirely funded by generous people like you. Please open your hearts to help others in their most trying of times. Families are counting on us to help them, we can not let them down!

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